Video Interview Of Shane At Emerald & Ivy Ball

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Video Interview Of Shane At Emerald & Ivy Ball

Post  (¯°»ShaneFilan«°¯) on Sat Nov 29, 2008 5:40 am

~>Click here to watch Shane's interview and some Shane's pics from here

Starts on 3:09 minute

Shane: Just supporting the charity, you know.We've been here... the last couple of years we've been here. We've been to Ronan's Ball in Ireland a couple of times, it'd been very good and I just think it's a great night, it's a great cause and it's nice to kinda, you know, be here for such a good event you know.

Interviewer: And what have you been in (I don't think that's what she asks but I can't hear properly )
Shane: For me, at the moment, I've had a baby boy son, ah about two months ago. So other than that we're on a year off at the moment so we're chilling out. You know, we're not doing any album this year for the first time in ten years so it's nice to be off this, it's nice to be at home a lot. This is the first time in London in four months. It's just nice to be chilling out, you know, just relaxing and stuff.

Interviewer: But well, obviously this will be the first time in Christmas then...
Shane: It will be relaxing, it will be not doing music, it will be just, you know, spending time at home with my family and stuff like that and we're all doing our own thing now for a year and just relaxing and chilling out for holidays and things like that, you know. Just catching up with all the stuff we'd been starving on, you know.

Interviewer: And it's not a forever break-up...
Shane: Oh no, definitely not. No, we're recording next Spring and we've already got about five or six songs so we're very excited about it. We're going to do hopefully our best album we've ever done, you know, we need to raise our game. I think that the songs the last couple of years have been getting better songs so we're taking a year to find the better songs and get songwriters, you know, writing for us again and get some original material and stuff, you know.

Interviewer: So when are you next touring after the album?
Shane: It'll be 2010 before we're doing a concert. So it's two years without a concert so, you know, for the fans it will be, I don't know, I don't think some of them are, obviously, you know, that pleased or whatever but it's something that we have to do as a band and I think that it'll be pleasing when we're back with better material, you know.

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